Peace = Business? or Business = Peace?

There is a close link between social stability and entrepreneurship. Business, especially in its innovative form, is an essential link for peace. One of the basic conditions to succeed as an entrepreneur is political and economic stability. High unemployment can create social unrest and often results in internal and external conflicts that are doomed to escalate. The stability and volatility for conflict do depend to a big extend on employment rate.

In order to ensure peace, entrepreneurs able to handle not only the entrepreneurial side of their business but also the negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution side, are an essential component for stability.

In recent studies the International Peace Institute but also the ILO (International Labour Office), come to the conclusion that the sustaining peace needs an ecosystem that can simultaneously prevent the outbreak of violent conflict and proactively foster peaceful societies. Economic opportunities are an important component of this ecosystem; the inequitable distribution of resources, economic deprivation, exclusion, and joblessness have all been well-documented as root causes of conflict both nationally and globally. It is essential that a peaceful and conducive environment for entrepreneurship and thus employment is created.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development offers an effective blueprint for inclusive national development policies that are universally applicable, that “leave no one behind,” and that contribute to sustaining peace. Entrepreneurship, is not only critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 on decent work and economic growth, but will also lead toward the twin goals of prosperity and peace.

The Institute for Economic and Peace (IEP) has shown that business needs peace and peace needs business to be sustainable. In order for business to thrive 8 conditions need to be addressed.