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Marine Biology Research in the Maldives

Call for

Marine Research Candidates

If you are interested or passionate about oceanography, marine biology, or are already in such a research program, we invite you to do your research in the Maldives.

Coral reefs are important for the diversity of the ecosystems, for the protection of the coastlines from the damaging effects of waves and tropical storms. So are seaweed, an algae / sea vegetable of the sea and important food source for ocean life.

If you are passionate about these subjects, and plan to do research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selected participants would have the opportunity to do this relevant marine biology research in the Maldives. We will organize hosting, including provision of transport from the Malé airport to the island, accommodation and food.

Please send you proposals to: Mariyam Shahida Mohamed, Co-Founder and Director of Arete Academy Geneva at

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