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Samples of Proposed Trainings

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

The workshop gives you the necessary skills to understand conflicts that may arise in a multicultural environment and how they can be handled constructively. We give you the tools to tackle your professional and personal disputes.

This Training is also available in French


Effective Negotiation Skills

Nothing will help you more in your professional and personal life than effective negotiation skills and ability to work with the other parties to find creative win-win solutions to bring the productive results.

This Training is also available in French


Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

Realising the full potential of women in the workforce will not only have an impact on growth in the economy, but also help drive improvements in society and its communities. Learn how the inclusive approach helps innovation and social stability.

This Training is also available in French


Ethical Leadership - NOW ONLINE HERE


Companies and governments with a strong culture of ethical leadership are likely to be those best equipped to survive and rebuild dynamically the current crisis. They will be at the vanguard of a brighter, more sustainable future driven by a new generation of ethical leaders.

This Training is also available in French


Behavioural Analysis applied to recruitment

Applied to recruitment, behavioral analysis makes it possible to better evaluate candidates through the detection of inconsistencies between the conscious and unconscious behaviour such as micro-expressions and gestures. The objective is to identify possible problem areas that need to be discussed in more details during the interview process.

This Training is also available in French


Other Trainings


  • Customer Care

  • Communication

  • Advocacy & Lobbying & Campaigning

  • Talent Management & Development

  • Innovation & Creative Thinking

  • Human Rights and Sustainable Development

  • Self Development

  • Governance/Policy Formulation


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