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Upskill Human Capital

with Swiss Quality

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Today, a large majority of companies say that their most valuable asset is their people.

As an employer you your talents can offer you the strategic advantage you need to succeed, especially in today’s volatile, uncertain and complex environment. To this end you must ensure that their skills are fostered and that they can perform at their very best.


The same challenge is posed for higher education institutes. You owe it to your students as future leaders to develop their personal and interpersonal skills.


With our experiential learning solutions, we offer you a pragmatic approach to provide understanding, tools and practical skills necessary to tackle challenges and to nurture your talents and future leaders.

Sibylle Rupprecht, Founder and Director

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Who are we

Arete Academy Geneva is a community of highly qualified expert trainers. We offer a set of skills based on longstanding experience as trainers, consultants and coaches.


The Academy embodies Swiss excellence, professionalism, integrity and ethical governance. With the human being at heart, our capacity building workshops address companies, governments and non profit organisations.

What we do
Business Meeting


Our experts propose  experiential learning solutions for all kinds of challenges you may encounter in your business.


Arete Academy Geneva

20 chemin Daniel-Ihly
1213 Petit-Lancy/Geneva/Switzerland

Phone: +41 78 648 80 09


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