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We help develop human capital through training, facilitation, coaching and consulting, meeting the needs of people and organizations alike. As an entrepreneur, leader, activist, human resource specialist, manager you want to build on your knowledge and skills. With the human being at the core, our international capacity building workshops address companies, governments, NGO's as well as any person interested in the topics.

Our trainings are designed to provide the understanding, tools and practical skills required for peaceful conflict resolution, negotiation and other leadership skills that allow you to interact better with your environment and perform at your best.

Classes are interactive, building on your knowledge and experience. Through group discussions and group work, we impart conceptual input as well as hands-on learning methods.

 “The beautiful thing about learning is

that nobody can take it away from you.”

                                                                   B.B. King

Arete (ἀρετή), an ancient Greek word implying "excellence of any kind", most aptly describes what we stand for. The notion of excellence is intimately bound up with that of fulfilment, or the art of living up to one's full potential.


Historically, these concepts are closely related to “oneness of mind, unanimity and justice” in that they all implicitly recognise knowledge as the highest form of human potential – a central capacity from which all other attributes and abilities are derived.

Arete was personified as a goddess, the sister of Homonoia (goddess of concord, unanimity, and oneness of mind), and the daughter of the goddess of justice, Praxidike.

The statue of the ARETE, Celsus Library detail, Ephesus, Turkey. The ancient city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Invest in your future with our training courses!

Our training interactive training courses provide you with tools and knowledge that help you excel in your profession, interact better with your environment and be a valuable member of a team and a community.

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